Onstage & in the office

Onstage or in the office: people who work in the music industry usually decide on one or the other, however Boglárka Pecze is an exception to the rule. Born in Hungary, Pecze is an internationally sought after clarinettist who has been working at the forefront of the contemporary art music scene for many years.

“I’m a free spirit,” admits Pecze, having also found her calling as a cultural manager. She is not attracted to accumulating the greatest possible concentration of concerts but to having a variety of tasks and perspectives.

On her instrument, Boglárka Pecze has proven herself in becoming one of the most exciting young virtuosi. She has performed at prestigious venues and festivals throughout Europe, Asia and the USA, including the Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), the Salzburg Festival and the Shanghai International Music Festival.

»From the very beginning I was interested in how the classical music industry works,” says Pecze, “and I love the challenge of persuasion«

Current Events



Mission und Himmelfahrt

Isabel Mundry


  • Neue Zeitschrift für Musik

    “…the intensification of intimate cycles into a fierce release inherent in Psychogramm II was celebrated with brilliant intensity by soloist Boglárka Pecze.”

    Egbert Hiller

  • NZZ

    “…Márton Illés’ clarinet solo Psychogramm II: rettegős (2015) was driven impressively to its existential limits by Boglárka Pecze.”

    Michelle Ziegler

  • Der Tagesspiegel

    „The audience was enthused.“


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L. Spohr

Sehnsucht / Six german songs

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G. Aperghis

Triple (Ausschnitt)

Latest News

  • Konzerthaus Berlin

    On October 15th, Boglárka Pecze performs at Konzerthaus Berlin in a chamber music concert featuring works by Debussy and Clemens K. Thomas.

    13 October 2023

  • season 23/24

    The season 23/24 begins with various public panel discussions as a cultural manager.
    As a clarinettist, concerts with the DSO Berlin and the Göttingen Symphony Orchestra, among others, are planned this season.

    8 September 2023

  • Face the Music

    In early July, Boglarka will be a speaker at the conference of the Kammerakademie Potsdam and the Research Institute for Sustainability (RIFS) – Helmholtz-Zentrum Potsdam.

    The topic: Lighthouse or music for everybody? The self-image of musicians in times of crisis

    20 June 2023